My name is Joaquin Motor and I’m a tattooer.

When I was six years old I was traveling in the subway when I spotted a man’s forearm with an old and sketchy tattoo. That moment was printed in my mind to the point that it became the starting point of my interest for the marks on the skin.

With references in graffiti and in Russian criminal tattoos, from the past two years I’ve decided to start to studying the permanent skin marks and it’s relationship with the memory and the symbolism.

Nowadays I’m traveling around the world tattooing and searching for new inspiration sources to fulfill the investigation.


2018  Contemporary Art seminar by Florencia Battiti (UTDT)
2018  Author’s Curator seminar by Lucrecia Palacios (UTDT)
2018  Conceptual Art seminar by Mariela Delnegro (MNBA)
2017  Work clinic with Diana Aisenberg (in progress)
2017  Painting workshop with Diana Aisenberg (in progress)
2014  Illustration workshop with Gastón Caba
2013  Graduate in Graphic Design · UBA · FADU
2011  Seminar Lat. of Urban Interventions · CCEBA


2018  Art Basel Cities Buenos Aires


2016 “From the idea to the Skin” · Latin American Meeting · UP

Individual exhibitions

2017  “Memories of them” · Fleur Noire · NY
2014  “Tiempo es oro Vol. IV” · C.C. Casa Presa · BS AS
2012  “Tiempo es oro Vol. III” · MTN Shop & Gallery · BS AS
2012  “Tiempo es oro Vol. II” · C.C. Casa Presa · BS AS
2012  “Tiempo es oro Vol. I” · Outsiders Shop & Gallery · BS AS

Colective exhibitions

2017  “Deep Flux” – Golden Studio · BCN
2016  “Post Dial-up” · C.C. Recoleta · BS AS
2012  “Papeles” · C.C. Matienzo · BS AS