Tattoo Care & Healing

Once you had your tattoo done, keep your wound covered for about two or three hours before you unwrap your cling film off.

Make sure you clean the tattoo with white soap, or glycerin soap (Keep in mind It is important not to use any perfumed products). Cleaning your design, and wrap it again in cling film.

Repeat this process every morning and night for two days.

On the third day, uncover your film, clean once again like before for one last time and apply cream and rub it on until the cream is absorbed. You will want to do this about 4 to 6 times a day for two weeks. Make sure no traces of cream will lay on top of your tattoo.

Useful tips:
-Use HIPOALGENICA tape. (neceisto encontrar el nombre)
-If there is any itches, you can ease them placing a bit of ice on the tattoo.
-Once healed, Protect your tattoo from the sun. always use total protection.
-The process of healing and creaming your tattoo will extend the quality of your design in your body.